Scientific publishing

Our instructors conduct scientific and research as well as editorial and publishing activities. They develop education programs, textbook guidelines, textbooks for independent work. On this page you may find necessary materials and new information in articles prepared by our instructors.

The scientific publishing activity of the Academy is defined by goals and tasks of our institution in general. First of all, we want to promote the role of theological knowledge in solving human and social problems. We are trying to improve and deepen the relationship among religious, state and social structures, especially in the fields of education and upbringing.

Main Academy’s Activities in the Sphere of Scientific, Research, Editorial and Publishing work:

  • Ø Connection between Vaishnavism theology and philosophy.
  • Ø Vaishnavism theology and culture.
  • Ø Vaishnavism theology and liberal arts education.
  • Ø Translation and commenting on ancient Vedic texts.

Main Tasks of Scientific, Research, Editorial And Publishing Activities:

  • Ø Setting, defining and realization of theological and philosophical problems.
  • Ø Actualizing the creative potential of  instructors and students.
  • Ø Involvement of students into activities of the Academy.
  • Ø Improving the educational process.

Instructors’ scientific work, namely preparation of monographs, articles, reports, etc., is well in line with the educational tasks of the Academy.

Academy holds a permanent seminar for instructors and students called Philosophy and Culture of Vaishnavism and Modern World. Here we mainly discuss reports made by students and young instructors. Many of these reports are later transformed into term and thesis papers of students, becoming their independent scientific activity.

We are planning to conclude this series of seminars with a summarizing scientific conference in 2010, where not only instructors and students of the Academy can be present but also scientists from other institutions.

Editorial and Publishing Activity

Editorial and publishing activity of the Academy includes following:

1. Publishing education textbooks in disciplines taught at the Academy.

2. Publishing monographs.

3. Publishing the electronic scientific journal of the Academy.

4. Publishing collections of reports and speeches from scientific conferences and seminars held by the Academy.

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Vaishnavism History

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Vaishnavism Philosophy

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Language and Literature

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Vedic Culture And Arts

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Health

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Practice and Applied Disciplines

  • Ø Scientific Publishing Activity - Department of Pedagogy

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