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Kyiv Spiritual Academy of Krishna Consciousness in Ukraine is a non-government special higher education institution. The duration of education is six years. The Academy was established in 1995. Education is free.

Academy’s Goal – give every person, irrespective of any religious, cultural and political views, an opportunity to master the science of God according to ancient Vedic scriptures.

Activity of the Academy:

  • Ø training of Vaishnavism theologists, specialists in fields of philosophy, and culture, educators, research officers, temple devotees and preachers;
  • Ø teaching theological disciplines and upbringing students in the spirit of piety;
  • Ø scientific research in the field of Vaishnavism theology and coordination of scientific developments;
  • Ø development of guidance materials for spiritual education institutions of Krishna Consciousness;
  • Ø organization and conduction of conferences on actual questions of religious and social life;
  • Ø participation in charity programs, spiritual and educational events;
  • Ø international cooperation in the field of higher spiritual education;
  • Ø organization of pilgrimage to holy places with special spiritual and historical meaning.

Education System

There are evening and external forms of education at our Academy. Our instructors are leading specialists in the field of Vaishnavism theology from Ukraine and abroad.

Training is done according to an approved curriculum. For students of the external department sessions are held twice a year. For admission to the Academy applicants pass an interview. For external students there is an electronic entrance test.

There are two stages of education.

First – Bachelor qualification in Vaishnavism Theology. Duration – 3 years.

First year – preliminary. Students study the Basics of Vedic Culture course. The aim of this course is to introduce Vedic philosophy and culture to them.

Second and third years – deeper study of Vedic philosophy and culture. During this period students master the Bachelor qualification in Vaishnavism Theology.

Second stage – Master qualification in Vaishnavism Theology. Duration – 3 years.

At this stage students deeply study Vedic philosophy and culture, learn to practically use the received knowledge.

Academy graduates receive:

  • Ø certificate in passing the Basics of Vedic Culture course (providing the successful defense of a term paper according to the Provision on Initial Vedic Education;
  • Ø internationally accredited Bachelor Certificate in Vaishnavism Theology (providing their successful thesis paper defense seeking bachelor degree in Vaishnavism Theology – according to the Provision on Bachelor Program);
  • Ø internationally accredited Master’s Certificate in Vaishnavism Theology (providing the successful thesis paper defense seeking master’s degree in Vaishnavism Theology – according to Provision on Master’s Program);

Forms of practical student training:

  • Ø Participation in seminars, preparation of reports;
  • Ø Participation in the Annual Academy Conference;
  • Ø Participation in Round Tables;
  • Ø Participation in pilgrimage;
  • Ø Participation in Sunday Feasts;
  • Ø Participation in publishing the Academy’s electronic journal;
  • Ø Work in libraries;
  • Ø Term and thesis paper work.

Along with lectures the curriculum includes seminars in main disciplines.

Seminars cover:


a) analysis and discussion on a certain text under the instructor’s guidance;


b) personal report (on proposed topics), 15-20 minutes long, and its further discussion by the students.

The students participate in annual thematic conferences preparing reports on proposed subjects. Such conference talking points are then published.


The students and instructors with their reports take part in Round Tables, discussing theological and philosophical subjects. These reports are then published in the electronic journal.

The students participate in pilgrimage to holy places under the instructors’ guidance.

The students take part in Sunday Feasts made by the Academy.

Graduate Outlook

Our education gives any specialist an opportunity to improve their professional skills.

It is especially meant for educators, psychologists, culture specialists, fine art experts, philosophers, religion experts, research officers, human sciences and liberal arts instructors.


Kyiv, 16 Zoryany lane


tel: +38 (044) 433 8312; +38 (044) 434 7028.

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